Spiritual Leadership Interviews

Interview with Leeza Edwards

In this interview, Dr. Dana talks with Leeza Edwards, of the Trans-spiritual Council, the Universality of Transformation, and Authentic Expressions. Working with individuals, families and organizations, Leeza offers guidance and teachings that can best be expressed as a ‘non-dual’ approach to living a mindful, equanimous life of inner peace and clarity. She’s the founder of Universality of Transformation, currently finishing her book, giving talks throughout Washington and Oregon and is lovingly supported by her local community in Vancouver Washington. Being present with people as they are dying is one of the most intimate ways she finds herself being of service.

Tools of Leadership Interview (Perfectionism) with Hillary Rettig

In a new series of interviews, Dr. Dana, Director of the Woman and the Owl Foundation: Cultivating and Connecting Women Spiritual Leaders, brings us the Tools of Leadership Interviews.
Here, she talks with Hillary Rettig. Hillary is a productivity teacher, coach, and author of The 7 Secrets of the Prolific, The Lifelong Activist, and other works. Hillary shares the keys to releasing ourselves from the trauma of perfectionism so that we can engage in joyful creation and be our most productive selves.

Interview with Lyla June Johnston

In this interview, Dr. Dana talks with Lyla June Johnston, a Diné, Cheyenne, Scandinavian poet and servant to humanity. In this interview, she talks about spiritual leadership as service and generosity, her thoughts on learning about or “holding space for other traditions”, and Regeneration Festival. Lyla June also shares about healing from rape through falling in love with one’s self.

Interview with Ara of The Goddess Circle

Ara is a writer, spiritual teacher, and facilitator of online “Goddess Circles” both through facebook and through her website (www.thegoddesscircle.net). In this interview she talks about creating and facilitating large women’s circles, her amazing spiritual writing, and what it’s like to shift from playing it small to really growing.

Interview with Margo Wolfe, Ph.D

Margo Wolfe, Ph.D. is a youth educator, pagan community leader, and President of the Sisterhood of Avalon. In this interview she discusses how to create spiritual/social programs for young adults and children. She explains how she has partnered with the Unitarian Church to bring earth-based sermons and youth programs to her local community. Margo discusses the Sisterhood of Avalon and gives women spiritual leaders the advice to surround ourselves with positive supporters and “keep swimming!”.

Interview with Lauren Walsh, our new Spiritual Awakenings Coach

Lauren Walsh is a spiritual teacher, mentor, healer, and ceremonialist. In this interview, learn about “wounds into wisdom” and the elements important to spiritual leadership. Meet Lauren of Wise Woman Within Me, a fascinating teacher who is our first ever Spiritual Awakenings Coach.

Interview with Lara Vesta of Vestal Transitions.

Lara Vesta is a writer, teacher, and creatrix of Vestal Transitions. Here, Dr. Dana interviews her about her beautiful, homemade, free downloadable resource, ‘The Moon Diva’s Guidebook: Spirited Self-Care for Women in Transition’.

Woman and the Owl Foundation Interviews Stephanie Anderson Ladd of Owl and Crow

Stephanie Anderson Ladd is a pyschotherapist, goddess devotee, soul collage facilitator, writer, and blogger at Owl and Crow. She had developed a series of courses that connect with the ancient archetypes of goddesses, particularly the myth of Psyche. In this video, she talks about her first experiences of the Goddess, while healing from Cancer, and how this work has helped her (and other women) to find their true voices, even when society has other ideas about who we should be.

Woman and the Owl Project Interviews Octavia Brooks of the Temple Without Boundaries

Octavia Brooks is Temple Keeper of the Temple Without Boundaries. She is also a teacher, priestess, and  ceremonial leader. In this video interview she shares with us her varied training within the Pagan community leading up to the manifestation of her current spiritual service. Octavia recounts the challenges of public, large scale ritual leadership and tells us a story about “one time at Witch Camp” …one of her personal ‘medicine memories’ of the Goddess.

“For all you women who are thinking that they might want to become a spiritual leader, I honor you, and I cherish you and I really appreciate your williness to step into service. There are a lot of people who need support and assistance right now in these days and ages. And I would say, just stay creative…”


Woman and the Owl Project interviews Mikki Baloy Davis

Mikki Baloy Davis is a shamanic healer, writer, teacher. In this interview, Mikki shares with us that first calling to shamanic practice and speaks candidly about the downsides and blessings of a life of spiritual commitment. Mikki’s offerings, her well-written blog, and her videos can be found at Shaman Mikki: Empowerment Through Healing.


Woman and the Owl Project Interviews Whitney Ferre of Creatively Fit

Whitney Ferre is an artist, spiritual teacher, and chief creativity guru at Creatively Fit. Here, she shares her personal story, advice to women about how to move through their fear, and her teachings and techniques for using art to mirror and channel Spirit through us and into our lives.


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